Coax Korus 12G HD SDI BNC Cable Joiner Adaptor True 75 Ohm

10-500-W126 ‘KORUS’ BNC True 75 ohm 12G Jack to Jack adaptor  suitable for applications up to 12GHz ** Now Tested to 18Ghz **  Ebay logo Coax Connectors Ltd. are a British connector designer / manufacturer Suitable for:     Red Raven, Scarlet, Epic, Dragon, Weapon    Arri Alexa, Amira etc.    Sony F5, F55 FS7, FS5 etc.    Panasonic Varicam range    BlackMagic Design URSA, URSA mini etc.    AJA CION    Canon C200, C300, C500, C700 CRW_6623 Simply put, high bandwidth uncompressed digital video signal do not like going through cable joins. So when one of the UK’s top connector company’s engineers an adaptor to work with these signal the results are special, if not unique. 10-500-W126-REV-A00-1 BNC connectors feature a simple bayonet coupling requiring only a quarter turn to connect or disconnect.  The easy to use coupling make BNC one of the most popular general purpose connectors used in all markets.  Typical applications include, telecom, instrumentation, security, broadcast, mil/aero and many others. Any question than please ask. Performance: -28.24db -23.2db -25.33db -32db




Return Loss




75 Ohm Up to 18GHz 1500 Veff 5000 M-Ohm IEC 61169-8 Yes 500 10N min 50N min 8.g 13.6N max 13.6N max -55 to +155 Deg C IP64 Beryllium Copper Brass PTFE Gold Gold

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