3G HD SDI Professional Beldon 179dt / Neutrik Rear Twist BNC Slim Cable for Camera Rigs

3G/ HD/SD SDI Professional Beldon 179DT Digital Video with Neutrik Rear Twist BNC – BNC hand made Cable / 10 cap colours
Slim and light cable for MOVI, DJI Ronin, Steadycam and Digital Cinematography Camera Location rigging.
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All my cables are custom made by myself using care, experience and the right tools.
Cable: Beldon 179DT Brilliance DigiTruck 179DT Lightweight, Ultra-Miniature Coax for Broadcast Production Trucks etc.
The cable is slim, light and flexible with a Minimum Bend Radius of 25mm and high compliance.
Link: https://www.belden.com/docs/upload/NP207.pdf
Spec: http://www.belden.com/techdatas/english/179DT.pdf


Connectors: Neutrik Rear Twist NBTC75BF14
Ideal for recessed bulkheads where access to the “head” of the connector might be an issue. These connectors turn from the back and not the front.

The rearTWIST HD Tiny BNC cable connector is optimised for small cable diameters. The additional leading ferrule eases the critical assembly of multicore or tiny cables. Like all Neutrik BNCs it offers a true 75 Ω design and is perfectly suitable for HD applications.The patented rearTWIST boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications and offers colour coding.


Link: http://www.neutrik.co.uk/en-uk/bnc/reartwist-tiny-cable-connector/nbtc75bfi4
Link to Neutrik white paper:http://www.neutrik.com/zoolu-website/media/download/192/Neutrik+BNC+rearTWIST+White+Paper


Complete with a range of 10 colour ways rubber cable strain relief cap.
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