3G HD SDI Video Evolution 301-299 Flexible Cable Neutrik RearTwist BNC on Drum

3G HD SDI Digital Video Flexible Neutrik BNC Cable on Drum with Stand

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Cable on the main drum can be deployed on location as required and the the tail of the cable on a secondary spool can be accessed (up to 2m) to make a suitable connection. This is a system that I have used on countless live video set-up’s and found it to work very well.
All my cables are custom made by myself using care, experience and the right tools.
Other lengths, cables and plugs, are available, just ask me.
Cable: Evolution 301-299
Evolution 301-299 has a 6.147mm Diameter (same form factor as Belden 1505F which is a more flexible stranded version of Belden 1505 / Argosy Image 720) with a Black PVC outer jacket 
Ideally suited for use on cable drums where repeated deployment is needed.
Connectors: Neutrik NBNC75BJP9 Rear Twist BNC Plug
This is a high performance connector from Neutrik.
The rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors are specifically designed for high resolution video signal transmissions. 
Due to the unique insulator and contact pin design, the connectors feature low return loss values for 4K and 8K signals.
Complete with Green (other colours available just ask) colour coded rubber cable strain relief caps.
301-299 drum 9
Cobra Cable Drum REEL4

The cable drum is made of a special tough durable plastic and the steel frame is painted black.

  • Frame: Black steel
  • Brake version

Spool Diameter: 280mm

Spool Width: 120mm

Features & Benefits
  • “rearTWIST Principle” locking/unlocking using the easily accessible soft touch boot (Patent DE 100 48507)
  • Ideal for recessed bulkheads where access to the “head” of the connector might be an issue. These connectors turn from the back and not the front.
  • True 75 Ω design meets the stringent HDTV / DVD requirements
  • Leading area: Avoids tilting due to side forces to protect contacts from deformation.
  • Guarantees a lifetime of min. 1000 mating cycles!
  • Snug-fit center pin insert provides tactile feedback
  • Shield and jacket crimp technology prevents the problem of an exposed grounding braid on cable assemblies
  • Excellent cable protection and retention
  • Precise Swiss machined brass parts for outstanding durability
Complete range of 10 colour coded rubber cable strain relief caps.
Cable features & spec from web:
Coax 1 AWG 22 Stranding 7x 29 Material: BCC – Bare Compacted Copper Diameter: 0.7874 mm
Gas-injected FHDPE – Foam High Density Polyethylene Diameter : 3.683 mm
Screen 1: Braid TC – Tinned Copper 95% coverage Screen 2: Braid TC – Tinned Copper 95% coverage
Material : PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride Overall diameter: 6.147 mm Evolution XPC OFC Professional Flexible HD Broad-cast Coax 301-299 61.016 Kg/Km


Rated Temperature : -35˚C to +75˚C
Velocity of Propagation : 80%
Capacitance : 55.777 pF/m
Impedance : 75 Ω
Conductor Resistance : Max. Operating Voltage : 40.0282 Ω/km 20˚C 300 V RMS
Attenuation (dB/100m) : 0.656 dB1.641 dB

1.969 dB

2.198 dB

2.395 dB

2.953 dB

3.215 dB

4.725 dB

7.874 dB

8.203 dB

9.187 dB

9.843 dB

11.484 dB

11.812 dB

13.452 dB

16.733 dB

19.686 dB

24.608 dB

29.201 dB

29.857 dB

35.435 dB

44.622 dB

52.824 dB

56.761 dB

67.917 dB

87.603 dB

1.000 MHZ3.600 MHZ

5.000 MHZ

6.000 MHZ

7.000 MHZ

10.000 MHZ

12.000 MHZ

25.000 MHZ

67.500 MHZ

71.500 MHZ

88.500 MHZ

100.000 MHZ

135.000 MHZ

143.000 MHZ

180.000 MHZ

270.000 MHZ

360.000 MHZ

540.000 MHZ

720.000 MHZ

750.000 MHZ

1000.000 MHZ

1500.000 MHZ

2000.000 MHZ

2250.000 MHZ

3000.000 MHZ

4500.000 MHZ


301-299 drum 5