DC Power Extention Cable Wired all 4 pins with 4 cores for Aputure LS120 extention

Cable: CANFORD GPS 0.75 CABLE 4 core
General purpose loudspeaker cables similar in construction to 2-core mains cables, but manufactured for use as loudspeaker feeds. Cores are twisted, coloured violet, grey, red and black (GPS) and the cable is marked “Loudspeaker cable” to clearly distinguish it from mains cables for safety reasons.I have chosen this cable to be tough & resilient on location use.

Neutrik Male 4 Pin XLR connector NC4MXX

Neutrik Female 4 Pin XLR connector NC4FXX

Contacts Silver over Nickel over Brass – 2 µm Ag over 2 µm Ni over Brass (CuZn39Pb3) Contact Current Rating 10A